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What Are You Afraid Of?



Fear is not just in our heads – it’s also in our bodies. What Are You Afraid Of? shows how our bodily postures and habits trigger the anxieties that crimp our daily lives and provides simple, eye-opening exercises to free us from fear’s grip.

We often think of fear as something based in our minds. But equally true – and rarely understood – is that fear is based in our bodies.

The ordinary manner in which we carry ourselves physically, our automatic gestures, and the accustomed comforts of our bodily habits often perpetuate the grip that fear has on our lives. This is true whether we’re thinking of asking our boss for a raise, frightened of diving into a swimming pool, or experiencing sleepless anxiety. The good news is that our fears arise from physical/mental triggers that have been learned over the course of our early lives – and can be unlearned.

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  1. Sensing the Unknown
  2. Prayer Hands
  3. Non-Striving
  4. Listening to the Body
  5. Feeling Your Power
  6. Discovering Your Options

In What Are You Afraid Of?, Lavinia Plonka provides step-by-step exercises and informative, engaging lessons to help readers identify the sources of their fears and work with their bodies to move beyond them. Plonka reveals a simple, new paradigm for understanding our fears: they are not intractable psychological demons. Instead, as she demonstrates, they often revolve around repetitive body/mind cues. By teaching the body new habits, the habit of fear can be broken.

What people are saying about What Are You Afraid Of?

“This helpful book contains exercises that can provide an antidote to the overwhelming stress which overcomes our bodies. Plonka also takes a hard look at the different types of fear including fear of failure/success, phobias, fear of abandonment, and fear of injury or death.” ~ Spirituality and Health Magazine

“Her succinct and straightforward survey…..encourage(s) us to begin to notice how our bodies hold and generate emotions.” ~ Dragonfly Media Review

An article from the June issue of Ladies Home Journal

“Lavinia Plonka says what so many writers and therapists miss: that we hold and generate fear through the habits and postures of our bodies. This simple yet vital truth is the missing link in many of our therapies and efforts at self-help. In What Are You Afraid Of?, Plonka provides practical insights and at-home exercises that help readers discover ways to feel more free from the fears and anxieties that often ocnstrict our lives.” ~ Frank Lipman, M.D., author of Total Renewal: 7 Key Steps to Resilience, Vitality, and Long Term Health

“Lavinia Plonka takes us step by step through a body/mind journey that frees us from fear. Everyone, no matter how much or how little afraid, will benefit from her clear, effective and potent exercises. Plonka not only reveals how our bodies are part and parcel to our fears, she shows us how our bodies can be one of our greatest allies.” ~ Alan S. Questel, Feldenkrais Trainer and student of Moshe Feldenkrais



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