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Private Feldenkrais Lessons and Coaching

Functional Integration: Private Feldenkrais Lessons

We all need guidance on occasion: whether it’s recovering from trauma, preparing for a big meeting, or starting the great American novel. Lavinia’s skillful yet compassionate directness will provide you with the mind/body tools needed to “move” yourself beyond your perceived limitations. Functional Integration means just that. You become more functional, you feel more integrated. You bypass your ordinary, thinking mind and work directly with your nervous system, learning new, useful habits. From hands on Feldenkrais to distance learning via Skype, from rehabilitation to body language training, Lavinia makes every minute count. 

Lavinia has helped thousands of people: performers, athletes, people with vertigo and other balance problems. Lavinia has introduced freedom and mobility to people with Fibromyalgia, arthritis as well as people recovering from trauma and injury. Testimonials

In a hands on Functional Integration lesson, the student  either sits or lies on a low table, fully clothed, while the teacher guides the student’s awareness through touch and gentle movement. The lesson is often silent, although some verbal direction takes place. The touch is gentle and non-invasive. The teacher maintains a safe and nurturing environment for maximum learning.

Lavinia also offers one on one learning online via Zoom. More details.

Please call Lavinia to confirm your schedule 828-358-7220.

Body Language: Private Assessment and Coaching

Body Language coaching sessions are instrumental in helping people recognize habits that interfere with success. These habits can be the source of depression, anxiety or ineffectiveness. The sessions are somatically based: unlike psychotherapy or traditional coaching, the emphasis is on your physical affect. Posture, breathing patterns, facial expression, relaxation/tension and much more contribute to the impression you make on others. As you improve, through Lavinia’s careful guidance and exercises, you will see changes in your emotional and mental outlook as well.

Do you know what your body is telling others? Are you who you say you are? Many people want one thing, but they non-verbally communicate something else. This is your opportunity to discover how to make your actions congruent with your words. 

You can make an in person appointment, or sign up for a skype session.

 On line Assessment

You have two options:

  • You can send a video. (I will send instructions on the best way to do that) It can be shot specifically with our session in mind, or it can be a video someone shot of you at an event; perhaps when you were a speaker, or captured at a party. I will analyze the video and then go over the details with you. No photographs please: photos don’t show movement or breath, often creating a false impression.
  • We can have a live session. I will interview you and then we will discuss my observations.

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If this is an online session, once I have received your payment, I will contact you to schedule an appointment.