Classes Online & On Demand

Attend Feldenkrais classes online — live or on-demand — from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Moshe Feldenkrais predicted that one day, Awareness Through Movement lessons would be broadcast around the world. He probably never dreamed that people would actually be able to see the teacher and each other during the broadcast. You can now enjoy Awareness Through Movement lessons in the comfort of your own home. Using Zoom, I will be able to see you as you do the lesson. Or if you prefer, you can join the class without video – I just won’t be able to see you. 


Enjoy Awareness Through Movement lessons with an international community in the comfort of your own home. 


Be guided by Lavinia’s careful instructions


Optional use of webcam.


Live or recorded lessons.

I just wanted to let you know that Thursday’s class was so powerful for me… During and especially after. Mainly, it helped me become aware that I almost always am holding my breath…
You can’t say enough about awareness!!  So, thank you for doing your real work in the world.
Rose Bator


How it Works

  • You need to have broadband wifi, and a camera in your computer. iPads and smartphones also work – you’ll just have to download the Zoom App.
  • Once you register for a class or workshop, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.
  • Be at your computer 5 minutes before your first class so that we can organize cameras and computers, and familiarize ourselves with Zoom.
  • Using Zoom I will be able to see you as you do the lesson. Or if you prefer, you can join the class without video. You can also choose to record the lesson for yourself using Zoom’s technology.

Online Class Series (Thursdays)

  • The Thursday 4-class series includes a free audio recording and pre-registration. There are two weeks off before the following series.
  • Each series follows a theme.
  • Join an international online community that has been growing and evolving for over eight years.
  • Attendees receive a cleaned up mp3 of each lesson, so if you can’t attend, you still get the lesson.


Awareness Through Movement® Hybrid (Online and In Person)

  • Join an ongoing class (package of 4) and drop in anytime. You will receive a confirmation and a link which is good for any Monday, Wednesday or Friday class. 
  • Classes are offered in a series of 4 lessons for up to 25 participants. You can take all four, buy classes singly, or pay for four and drop in when it works for your schedule.



Online Single Session

Treat yourself to an interactive, live, online experience. You can join any class – all online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons are for any level of learner. Please email me with the date you plan to attend – I will send you a link.


Online One On One Learning

Discover the benefits of an hour dedicated to you and your needs. There are many reasons why you might want to experience one on one learning:

      • Recovery from injury, illness or trauma
      • Physical challenges that constrain your ability to participate in a class
      • Specific challenges you want to address: a personal struggle, coaching for performance improvement in the arts or sports, a wish to go deeper in your study
      • You prefer individual attention, or have a particular schedule
      • You are a movement teacher who wants mentorship or professional support

Please tell me about yourself and your interest in a session before we meet so I can prepare for your personalized session. Email me here.


Live Online Workshops and Courses

Dive into a deeper learning experience. Lavinia takes the power of Awareness Through Movement lessons and combines them with story, research, writing, and more to create courses that plumb the connections within body/mind/emotions/spirit.

View a few upcoming workshops below, or Click here to see all available Live Workshops.

On Demand Lessons and Courses

Online Class Schedule not convenient? Hate dealing with Zoom Technology? You can choose from individual lessons, replays of workshops and specially created courses to suit your needs. 

Single Lesson Downloads

 If you love Awareness Through Movement, this page is like being a kid in a candy store. Choose from an extensive library of lessons that Lavinia has taught and recorded especially for those who’d rather do Feldenkrais in their pajamas. Lavinia’s 25 years of teaching experience make each lesson so much more than simply exploring movement. She brings in ideas, research, philosophy and of course humor, to every class. You’ll discover classics as well as rarely recorded specials. Come back often.

Single Lesson Downloads are $2.99 each and in mp3 format. 

Dear Lavinia, you know how some people love to buy clothing, some chocolate or a special food, still others video games? In the past, I’d enjoy buying a book now and then, and art supplies but what, I find, these days, what I look forward to owning is another Lavinia Plonka single downloaded lesson!

Just finished making friends with my sternum, and thought I’d write to you from Berlin with the thoughts of gratitude that go through my head every day I do one of your lessons. Your voice, your clarity, and thorough knowledge of what you’re teaching is a solace to me in these difficult times.

Thank you.

Sara Bloom