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Success Stories

I don’t know what you did yesterday, but I had to let you know, my feet feel fantastic! I had no pain all day, what a relief! I just wanted to confirm that I’m coming back again next week so we can do it again!

Jimmy White

Owner, JW Builders

What a revelation! I’ve been trying to loosen things up in one dimension while restricting movement in another. I’m so pleased that I finally identified this as an area needing work. I know this habit is a major factor in the way I dance, but also in the way I move, the way I stand, and the way I sit. Thanks for working with me to facilitate this discovery!

Laurel Horton

Lately I’ve been appreciating the body awareness I’ve found in Feldenkrais. I feel more graceful, flexible, responsive and creative in my movement. A few weeks ago on a VERY windy day I was just outside the grocery story when a gust blew a heavy portable sign right at me. I curved my body in a big arch and the sign zinged by narrowly missing me. One observer said “Wow, that was martial arts!” I said “THAT was Feldenkrais!” Thanks Lavinia, my Feldenkrais guide!

Yvette Odell


The other day, I slipped on the ice and fell on the sidewalk. I sat there for a second and thought, ‘oh boy, I wonder what I broke.’ To my amazement, I stood up and except for a scraped knee, I was fine! It has to be that Feldenkrais! Doreen Plaisance

Working with Lavinia and The Feldenkrais Method® has helped me do things I only dreamed about before! 

Kathy Dee Zasloff

For the first time in years, I was able to walk up the stairs without having to hold on to the banister. Lavinia and The Feldenkrais Method® have made a huge difference in my walking. 

Carole Porter

Interior Designer

As an avid tennis player over 50, I experienced what a lot of mature sports enthusiasts encounter, pain. Pain in the hip, knees, “tennis elbow”, sore ankles and in the tennis serving shoulder.  I have been taking classes in Feldenkrais for about a year and a half and trying to integrate those lessons to my tennis game for recovery and prevention. I can happily report that about 95% of the pains I developed could easily be averted with minor adjustments and paying attention to my body when running around the tennis court and when hitting the ball.  I now not only strike the ball with much more power but use much less effort, leaving me with a lot more energy after I play and not feeling physically depleted and sore.  I now feel I have more choices on how I approach the sport. I still have trouble remembering the score. 🙂

James Fendleman

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