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Playing in the Kitchen


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Lavinia Plonka offers a delightful smorgasbord of opportunities for culinary delight, going beyond standard cookbook fare to provide a feast that transcends the five senses. Your sense of taste will be tempted by the delicious recipes. In order to take the stress out of cooking, each recipe contains a Playing With Your Food Section. This provides substitution tips, how to avoid kitchen disasters, ways to rescue mistakes and much more. For your sense of humor, Plonka has included stories; both traditional folk tales as well as humorous essays that explore subjects like cooking with a significant other, fear of an empty refrigerator, and the universe as a cosmic soup. But what makes Playing in the Kitchen completely unique are the movement explorations designed to make everything from chopping to washing the dishes a pleasurable and ergonomic adventure. Lavinia Plonka is an expert teacher of the Feldenkrais Method, and has created innovative sequences based on Feldenkrais’ teaching that awaken your kinesthetic sense. You’ll never cook the same way again!

Listen to the Companion Audios

  1. Finding Your Center
  2. Zen and the Art of Slicing and Dicing
  3. What’s for Dinner?
  4. Standing on Your Own Two Feet
  5. The Alchemy of the Self
  6. Attitude Adjustment

What People are saying about Playing in the Kitchen

Lavinia Plonka created a great intro to cooking with ‘Playing in the Kitchen’. It’s funny, clear, and a good way to go beyond the ordinary for those of us who panic over preparing dinner. If you love to eat but are afraid to experiment with cooking, this is for you. The glossary is a Godsend for the novice, and the sections on how and what to substitute are essential. Even if you don’t want to cook, this is an entertaining read. I say buy it today! Tracy MacAuliffe, Documentary Film Maker

I read this cookbook cover to cover and laughed my butt off. Having higher awareness from the Feldenkrais lessons included, I realized this had happened and was able to change my patterns. I can now laugh without my butt going anywhere unplanned and be a better cook! I have also managed to chop-chop without chopping off MY parts! The recipes are great, current, and very adjustable. Cooking in the real world and making the real world better. How cool is that? Just amazing and highly recommended!!!! Lavinia Plonka, you’re the best ever! Dana Dewey, Owner Foothills Equestrian Center

Your cookbook was the first cookbook I ever read front to back! A real treat in itself! I had a butternut squash sitting on the counter screaming for new ideas so I had fun cooking the most delicious ‘curried butternut squash bisque’ tonight! YUMMYYYY … a true winner! Sabine Schweizer, Wipelli Inc.

Just made your recipe for cold sesame noodles. Divine dahlin’, simply divine! Great recipes in your cookbook….not to mention fun! Diane English, greatcosmichappyass.com


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