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Fall Softly, Recover Quickly


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Why do we fall? Clumsiness is not the only reason. Learn to recognize the danger signs and what you can do in the event of a fall. This Audio Program, available as a CD or MP3 download is a learning experience comprised of seven movement lessons that will augment the book, or can be used alone. You could expect to pay up to $100 for these lessons in a class, not to mention transportation costs. You can do these lessons in the comfort of your own home, (some even on your bed) for only $26! Thousands of people have learned how to prevent falls or recover more quickly using these simple techniques. Based on the Feldenkrais Method, which Smithsonian Magazine has called “a revolutionary approach to healing,” the lessons in this audio program are easy to understand and can be done by anyone.

“For the first time in years, I was able to walk up the stairs without having to hold on to the banister. Lavinia and The Feldenkrais Method® have made a huge difference in my walking.” – Carole Porter

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