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Back Relief


Five Awareness Through Movement® lessons that can help educate your back for greater ease and comfort.


By now you’ve heard the news. Surgery doesn’t help most back pain. Pain killers are addictive and destructive. And most back pain seems to benefit from exercise. But what most of these observations leave out is that your back is connected to the rest of you. Often back pain is the RESULT of something else, not the CAUSE. It could be posture, an old injury, bad work habits, emotional trauma and so much more. That said, it’s not always important to try to find the “smoking gun.” After 25 years of teaching, I have found that some lessons are especially effective at helping people find a better relationship with their backs. These five lessons are a taste of possibility. I encourage you, if you have chronic back pain, to explore and find the movement approach that can help you towards a pain free life. 


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