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Heels in Circles

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We really don’t pay enough attention to our feet. Yet how your feet and ankles work affects how you stand and walk, impacting on the organization of your hips and back. This lesson looks at how a small movement of the foot can change everything.

1 review for Heels in Circles

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I did the heels in circles just now, and I’m like so «Do I have the slightest control over my feet ? » ; I had gotten better in sensing the position of my feet after quite a lot of Awareness Through Movement lessons (ATMs) but I had never explored (or understood the meaning of the heel circles exploration before) the heel movements in such a way that it brings forth clearly the connection between heels and the rest of the body, I had to wait till the very last coming back to the very first movement of the class to experience the movement from heel all the way up to head and shoulders, but it was worth the patience ! Such a brand new sensation ! =D

    I was quite amazed in the poor clarity of my self-image when I believe my feet are parallel to the ceiling (lying on the stomach, knees bent, feet relaxed so that the soles are parallel to the ceiling)… I mean, once I checked with my eyes, I was out of words… How could my image of having my feet relaxed parallel to the ceiling could be so far from reality ! My heels are actually pulled down towards the floor with the toes pointing somehow towards the ceiling, and I feel this as parallel to the ceiling!!! =D So amazing, I want to learn more !

    Sylvain R.

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