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The Story of You: Accessing Archetypes Through Movement


A Feldenkrais/ Creative Body Workshop

Warrior – May 12, Healer, June 23, Teacher, August 4, Visionary, September 15

1-5 PM



While there are literally hundreds of archetypes identified by scholars and psychologists, there are a few that transcend culture, gender and race. This series identifies and explores four archetypes: The warrior/leader, healer, teacher and visionary. Starting with the premise that each archetype carries a somatic signature, we will explore the link between attitude, breath and center of gravity for each archetype. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, emotional body exercises and more offer an in depth look at ourselves through these archetypes. These workshops will not only inform and enrich your personal understanding of these archetypes, the lessons are designed to increase physical and mental well-being so that you will carry the wisdom of the archetypes into a more functional lifestyle. 

Warrior/leader – focusing on the core, the pelvis and grounding. Learning the patterns of courage and inner strength vs bravado.

Healer – The energy of the hands, their connection to the shoulders and the emotions of compassion and tenderness. Stillness and healing our own wounds. 

Teacher – Communication with the heart, understanding the power of the word through opening the ribs, clarifying the breath, learning how to learn.

Visionary – The art of seeing, with the eyes and with the whole self. How to clarify both seeing the world and inner vision. 

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All Four workshops, Warrior, May 12, Healer, June 23, Teacher, August 4, Visionary, September 15


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