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Stop Shouldering the Shoulds


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A Feldenkrais/Creative Body Workshop

Saturday, April 1, 1 – 4:30 PM  

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Humans have carried burdens on their shoulders throughout history: weapons, tools, produce, infants. As life has become “easier”, the burden has shifted. Instead of carrying baskets of fruit, we haul invisible gremlins that sit on our shoulders: deadlines, mortgages, insecurity. Our shoulders, once so vital in manual labor are now literally frozen from hours of holding the computer mouse, the steering wheel, the cell phone. This combination has created a culture that walks with shoulders up our ears and immobilized shoulder blades. (Yes, Virginia, shoulder blades DO move!) This afternoon we will liberate the shoulder girdle and discover new ways to free ourselves of those parasitic weights that hold us back from freedom and joy. 


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