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Rejuvenate Your Face


A Feldenkrais/Creative Body Workshop

Saturday, July 22, 1 – 4:30 PM


You’ve earned your wisdom lines. And while you don’t dwell on vanity issues, it would be nice to look in the mirror and see your true self reflected there – full of life and vitality. There are 47 muscles in your face that interact in thousands of ways. The relationship of your lips, tongue and teeth, the position of your jaw, the look in your eyes all tell a thousand tales. Did you know that the muscles of your face respond to the actions of your vagus nerve? That’s the big nerve that starts in your gut and touches every organ in your body! Your facial muscles also interact with your postural muscles, so a relaxed, happy face also improves your stance. By toning the face, you actually reboot your entire nervous system.This workshop is great for anyone who wants to really experience the (w)holistic connections within and leave with a genuine smile on your face. 


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