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Feldenkrais Awareness Summit

May 1 – 10

Online only


Moshe Feldenkrais had a dream that someday, Feldenkrais lessons would be “broadcast” all over the world at once. We have come a long way with online classes and other offerings. But the Feldenkrais Awareness Summit, fittingly taking place over 10 days,  includingFeldenkrais’ birthdare, is surely beyond even his “avowed and unavowed dreams.” An international roster of 27 experts will speak about the influence of the Feldenkrais Method® and its applications to creativity, medicine, sports and so much more. There will be Awareness Through Movement® lessons every evening and morning, panel discussions about each track and more. I am honored to be co-hosting this event and speaking with many of the experts – some great learning is in store! This event is absolutely free if you sign up now. If you sign up and discover that all this information needs time to be digested, you can also purchase a lifetime All Access Pass to enjoy this material for years to come. The All Access Pass also contains tons of bonus material – from transcripts of the interviews to extra material from the experts. If do purchase, I will receive a portion of the profits (which would be lovely!) 


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