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Your Sixth Sense: The Key To Joyful Living


A Feldenkrais/Creative Body Immersion

May 4 – 7, Art of Living Retreat Center, Boone, NC

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While most people agree on the first five senses, the sixth sense is often misunderstood, or described as some kind of psychic ability. Yet like a fish trying to describe water, we don’t even notice our true sixth sense: our kinesthetic sense. It tells you where you are in space, when you are in danger, if someone is standing too close to you, whether you should jump, how high to jump. It also forms your self-image, which is the story of your life. Every life event, every trauma, every triumph is etched in your body language, your injuries and your actions.

On the Sixth Sense Retreat you will experience a nurturing, delightful exploration of your possibilities and be guided on a joyful journey to the self. Through the renowned Feldenkrais Method® and Alba Method you will be more in tune with your body, awaken your kinesthetic senses and enjoy enhanced vitality. You will gain greater self-awareness and self-expression and learn to “sense” yourself from how your feet hit the ground to how your eyes receive the world. Return home refreshed, relaxed and more present to receive the life you deserve.

The Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC is a beautiful, holistic learning center, with hundreds of acres of hiking trails, yoga and meditation classes and healthy vegetarian food. It’s an opportunity to get away from it all and into your own personal journey. 


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