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Reversibility and Resilience


A Feldenkrais/Creative Body Workshop

Saturday, February 11, 1 – 4:30 PM

Product Description

Ahhh! The point of no return. The propelling force that sends us to the place of no escape. How do I reverse course, change direction without injury or violence? Reversibility implies choice: I can not only put on the brakes, but I can turn around, back out and still come out smelling like roses. 

A recent research article defined resilience as a natural capacity to recover and perhaps even further one’s adaptive capacities. More than 50 years ago, Moshe Feldenkrais equated health with resilience, saying it was the organism’s ability to recover from shock – any kind of shock. Many times, people don’t recover because they don’t have the ability to reverse their situation – whether it’s getting out of a bad relationship, or getting up off the floor after a fall. This afternoon we will delight in lessons that enhance our capacity for reversibility to help us “further our adaptive capacities.” 


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