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One advantage of Feldenkrais lessons is that there is no visual model or “correct” way to do the movements. This allows people to experience learning in their own time and according to their abilities. Lavinia’s carefully constructed audio programs (CDs and downloads) and single full length lessons offer you a chance to learn even if you don’t have access to a class where you live, or if you want to augment your learning. Lavinia’s books offer new insights into how The Feldenkrais Method can enhance not just your movement, but how you move through life. Explore the sections below by scrolling down or jump straight to what you’re looking for:

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single lesson downloads
Sometimes you just need an Awareness Through Movement lesson and there’s no class available. These lessons are edited audio files of some of Lavinia’s live online classes. Extraneous corrections and noises have been removed to give you a clean audio experience.The Single Lesson Catalog has dozens of wonderful lessons and Lavinia is always adding more, so check back often for continuous learning! 

Single Lesson Downloads are $1.99 each and in mp3 format.

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The Feldenkrais Store

Visit The Feldenkrais Store for a wide variety of Feldenkrais related products – from books to courses.