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If your brain map informs your nervous system, the Chakras are a map of your energy system. Since each Chakra governs specific functions and emotions, Awareness Through Movement® lessons perfectly inform and support the study of both.

Lavinia has researched the correspondences between the chakra system, the nervous system and Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons for years. Lavinia debuted this workshop last year and the response was so positive, she is expanding it and hoping you’ll join this deep and delightful somatic dive.

Whether you have studied the chakras, appreciate their metaphor, or have no experience, you will benefit from exploring this energy system alongside Awareness Through Movement® lessons. Each day will include opportunities for self- discovery as we navigate the brain and body along with this ancient system of study.

Schedule at a glance – subject to adjustment. 

Saturday, 1/29/22: Check in, introductory lesson at 5 PM and welcome reception.

Regular Class days: 9-11:30 AM, 4-6 PM. Afternoons for exploring.

Sunday 1/30/22: The first chakra, also called the root chakra, grounds you and your relationships to your history, your tribe and your family. It is your support system – from the arches of your feet to your pelvic floor.

Monday 1/31/22: The second chakra illuminates your pelvic region, as well as that sacred sacrum, connecting you to your core values, as well the power to control and let go.

Tuesday 2/1/22: The third chakra empowers your solar plexus, informing your intuitive gut, galvanizing your will and wish, energizing your spine and organs to take action. The fourth chakra speaks to your heart felt emotions with every breath.

Wednesday 2/2/22: Your day off to rest, take an excursion, explore. 

Thursday 2/3/22: The fifth chakra gives voice to your truth, as well as giving you the power to choose what to take in as both nourishment and impressions. The sixth chakra is your power to see both outside and in.

Friday 2/4/22: The seventh chakra is your highest self, opening the door to the universe. We will learn how to be truly open and aligned: our legs feel the power, our gut feels the conviction, our hearts feel the delight and our heads will know it’s right. Then we will bring it all together in a group activity.

Friday Evening: Celebration Dinner

Saturday 2/5/22: Farewell Awareness Through Movement lesson, Checkout around noon.




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