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The other day in class, we were doing a lesson that involved tilting your legs one way, bending the chest the other way, rolling the head and whistling Dixie. OK, just kidding about the whistling. At one point a student exclaimed, “Wait! Wait! My brain is getting scrambled!” “Don’t worry,” I replied, “You need to scramble eggs first before you can have an omelet.”
“I want mine with cheese,” someone said. “Spinach” piped another. “In an Awareness Through Movement lesson you scramble your brain, add your chosen ingredients: attention, curiosity, laughter…” “And you are transformed!” someone giggled. Moshe Feldenkrais, whose birthday we celebrate this month, said that movement toward greater organization sometimes feels like disorganization. In his honor, here is one of my favorite brain scrambling lessons. So break those eggs, let your brain discover new possibilities. More online lessons? Download here, or join our online community – next live series begins May 18!