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I was teasing my husband the other day about his attraction to shiny objects: the chrome of a motorcycle fender, the glimmer of a diamond earring, the reflection of light in the bottom of a pot he’s cleaning, Ron is always chasing the light.

We’re all in love with light, and winter makes us long for brightness.  One of my favorite holiday traditions is decorating with lights.  Those tiny, colorful points of hope in the dark that illuminate a door frame, a branch, the side of my hat as I walk up the driveway, attracting me to details that can go unnoticed in other circumstances.

Attention can be a light on myself.  It shines on the tension in my shoulder, or how I breathe as I roll to my side to come up.  This season, take a moment to light yourself up. Turn your attention to shine on how you put your key in the ignition, the expression on your face as you greet a friend, the movement of your legs as you race through the mall.  It might “bring to light” a whole new way of enjoying the holidays!