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At the beginning of a year, most of us want to look ahead, resolutions, wishes and a bit of trepidation. Will I move into the unknown, or repeat myself, stuck in a loop? I have often found a good way to move forward is to actually go backward.
Several spiritual traditions offer an exercise called variously “Re-capitulation,” Re-Winding,” or “Reversing.” You can play back a day starting from the end, trying to feel and see the details you missed: The self-sabotaging trip to the fridge, the careless, hurtful remark, the anxiety laden phone call. Some trainings encourage people to try to spend time reviewing the year, or even a lifetime. 
Often, when I try this exercise, I see my missteps and cringe, or am filled with remorse. But it also clears the air so I can see what I want for the future.
I sometimes wonder if truly seeing and embracing these repeated “fails” is what the Catholic Church originally intended with the sacrament of Confession. After all, the word King James translated as Sin in the Bible was actually a Greek word for “missing the mark.”
Re-capitulation offers me a chance to see what I missed. And I often find it’s easier to clarify my intentions after lying down and doing an Awareness Through Movement® lesson. Here’s one from my Breathing Audio Program that will literally clear your head, as well as give your voice the power it needs to declare your intentions for 2019.