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I’ve been working on a play for four years. It sounds crazy when I say it. Even crazier when I tell people it’s a comedy. There are people out there writing comedies that air every week and it’s taken me four years? People say, “You write so much already, why a play?” My answer is always, why not?

Recently I sent out a draft for feedback and got slammed. My first reaction was wanting to crawl into bed with the covers over my head for the next couple of weeks. Then I began to think about the feedback I had received. Could everybody be wrong? Was it a conspiracy? Probably not.

There is a nursing term: AFGO. Another F*&$ing Learning Experience. I can beat myself up. Or take the Awareness Through Movement approach. I reached for the impossible – for the moment. I’m going back to the elegant. What worked in the play? Explore the easy. Plot works. Humor works. And then I’ll reach again. So I can turn my play into a different kind of AFGO – A Feldenkrais Learning Experience. Just like learning to reach more effectively with my arm, I can learn to reach with my words, my ideas, by exploring approximations till the whole thing flows. Here’s an Awareness Through Movement® reaching lesson.Can I reach and not be attached to outcome? I teach what I need to learn. 🙂