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We have super powers. We’ve just forgotten. Somewhere over the course of the last couple of centuries, we’ve narrowed our definition of sensory awareness to five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling. But what about proprioception: knowing where I am?

How far is the wall? How many steps to the door? How close do I want to stand to that person? What is my right leg doing? Where is my right leg? How do I maintain my balance? How do I know how big a jump to take to get to the next rock in the brook?

All of the above require at least two more senses: your vestibular sense (which keeps you upright)  and your kinesthetic sense (which tells you where you are in space and where your limbs are). These work in concert with your eyes, ears, nose and skin (touch). But one of the biggest conductors of information about your balance and your movement is…your bones.

The bones are not solid. Although they can be strong as steel, they are filled with lots of holes/canals for forming blood marrow. This makes your bones amazing resonators.  You can feel this power of resonance whenever you hear a group of drummers, it vibrates your bones. Similarly, each time your feet hit the ground, you are conducting vibrations that tell your whole being where the ground is.

By developing your ability to sense your feet on the ground, you develop your senses. Your response-ability will improve and you will be able to truly step into your power. Here’s a mini-audio lesson* from my book Walking Your Talk to get you started.

*If for some reason, this link doesn’t open in your browser, click here and scroll down to “Mechanics of Walking.”