Finally! There is a scientific explanation for forgetting. I feel so relieved. A recent study has found that when you cross a threshold or go through a doorway, you experience a temporal distortion that places you in a different time/space than on the other side. So of course you can’t remember why you came into the room. Was it to check the weather? Pick up that sweater? Sometimes you have to go back through the door in order to remember.

photo: Ron Morecraft

How many doors will you pass through this holiday season? Relatives’ homes, airport terminals, department stores: all offer thresholds. Will you remember or will you forget what’s really important?

 This season, I’m going to use the doorway as an invitation to remember…me. As an experiment, I will try to remember to pause and take a breath, sense my feet on the floor and maybe even relax my shoulders. Then it should be a breeze to step into the present, the most precious gift of all.