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The Creative Body

What is the Creative Body?

Imagine stepping off a plane in a foreign land where even though you don’t know the language or how to navigate, you are full of excitement.  To your amazement, as you begin your journey the path unfolds before you, you begin to understand the new words you are hearing and you find your life transformed forever.  Your body/mind is that exciting foreign land, and The Creative Body is your tour guide.

The Creative Body is a process that teaches you how to uncover the gifts you forgot you have, realize the dreams you have cast aside and become your true self. Both workshops and individual sessions integrate movement, awareness and the arts in a safe environment designed to create options for your life. Courses range from straightforward body language training for professionals and corporations, to immersions for deepening creativity and personal embodiment development.


Who should attend a Creative Body workshop?

All Creative Body workshops are designed to open the mind/body/emotional life of individuals.  Therefore, anyone can benefit. 

  • Health professionals come away with tools for both their care and the care of others. 
  • Artists find new avenues for inspiration. 
  • Business professionals find new ways to think “outside the box.”
  • Coaches develop skills for assisting clients. 
  • Teachers learn new strategies for inspiring their students.  And anyone looking for personal development will gain inspiration and support on their path. 

The Creative Body has  successfully helped people recover from trauma, reduce pain, improve their relationships, change careers, and much more. Corporations, churches and organizations utilize Creative Body processes to improve communication, productivity and physical/mental health. 

How is The Creative Body taught?

You can experience The Creative Body three ways:

1) Workshops

Short workshops are designed around specific themes that address various aspects of function in life: from the physical to the metaphysical.  Workshops range from half-day classes with small, specific themes like, “Breath and Communication”, “Your Hands and Your Thoughts” to  one week immersions with a meta theme and a complete curriculum. Each workshop includes Awareness Through Movement lessons and themed activities that range from drumming to photography. 

2) One On One Coaching 

One on one coaching uses Creative Body themes and principles to help individuals move toward stated goals and eliminate personal and physical obstacles. This can include Feldenkrais lessons, artwork, projects and dialogue.

3) The Creative Body Training

For people seeking a deeper experience of embodiment, the Creative Body training provides tools that can be applied in psychotherapy, education, healing and the workplace. 

It is an intensive program designed for those who wish to master Creative Body techniques for use in their chosen professions or lifestyles.  In order to be a Creative Body teacher, you do not have to master any of the disciplines offered – be it art, the Feldenkrais Method or martial arts.  However, you will find that The Creative Body process can greatly enhance whatever your personal practice or profession is. You will develop personal somatic, artistic and contemplative tools that you can apply to your work.   

How do you get certified to become a Creative Body leader?

The Creative Body Training is designed in a non-linear fashion.  Segments explore different themes, that when taken as a whole become a complete experience.  Each segment is one week long.  Upon completing four segments, trainees repeat each segment as apprentices.  During this apprenticeship period, trainees are given the opportunity to begin to develop processes and offer material during the workshop.  Between segments, trainees work in a mentorship relationship, as well as in study groups with each other to refine their individual approaches and understanding of the work.  A final week of training for people who have completed the full eight weeks will be a master session where each participant will have the opportunity to develop and experiment with ways of teaching, marketing, mentoring and utilizing The Creative Body within a current profession or as a stepping stone to a new direction.

The Creative Body training process is in its nascent stage but as more people become involved, levels and certifications will be awarded.

The four training segments are:

  1. Eloquence in Action: What is Your Story?
  2. The Five Senses and Beyond
  3. The Great Adventure: Archetype and Myth
  4. The Body as a Temple


The workshop was perfect. The activities really supported my evolution.

Rebecca Chaplin

Rebecca Chaplin Consulting

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