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“I had a vision before the game that I would make a big play. And then it happened.”
-Malcolm Butler of the New England Patriots about his amazing game changing intercept.

When the physicist Moshe Feldenkrais decided to dedicate his life to developing his Method in order to help others, his mother said, “He could have got a Nobel Prize in physics, instead he became a masseur.” Flying in the face of tradition, Feldenkrais proposed that the brain grows new neural pathways, that imagination affects movement and healing, and that most radical of ideas, the brain and the body are one.
Now, more than thirty years after Moshe’s death, Norman Doidge, MD, author of the bestselling book The Brain That Changes Itself, has published a new book, The Brain’s Way of Healing. It contains two exhaustive chapters on Feldenkrais and the Method. Ironically, one of Feldenkrais’ champions in the world of neuro-science for the last fifty years, Karl Pribram, passed away one week before the book’s release. Pribram believed that one day science would validate Feldenkrais’ ideas on the brain.  He said, “Feldenkrais is not just pushing muscles around; it’s changing things in the brain itself.”

Thank you Karl, for supporting the Feldenkrais Method for all these years. Perhaps Doidge’s book will open the doors of perception to the current establishment. I encourage you all to share the news of this book with your medical providers.