To be relaxed, yet alert; focused, yet able to see the big picture is your birthright. You can experience freedom – in your thinking, your walk, your relationships, your daily life. Lavinia Plonka has helped and inspired thousands of people around the world, awakening them to the power of their Kinesthetic Intelligence. Lavinia is a popular speaker, workshop leader and noted author, writing extensively about our physical/mental/emotional lives. Contact Lavinia or sign up for her free E-Newsletter below to learn more.

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The Power of the Pelvis

The Power of the Pelvis is a Workshop designed to activate and enliven your vital center. The pelvis can be a source of spontaneity and joy, or the seat of challenge for anyone who has had an injury, illness or… Read More

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December 17, 2014

To Give and Receive

Hold your hands in front of you, with your palms down. Notice the length of your fingers. Most people’s fingers will be almost straight. Now turn your hands over without interfering with the fingers. Notice how the fingers curl. This… Read More