To be relaxed, yet alert; focused, yet able to see the big picture is your birthright. You can experience freedom – in your thinking, your walk, your relationships, your daily life. Lavinia Plonka has helped and inspired thousands of people around the world, awakening them to the power of their Kinesthetic Intelligence. Lavinia is a popular speaker, workshop leader and noted author, writing extensively about our physical/mental/emotional lives. Contact Lavinia or sign up for her free E-Newsletter below to learn more.

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Have a Comfortable Flight

No More Achy Joints From Hours of Sitting! Small, easy movements that don’t bother other passengers. Reduces stiffness, improves circulation. Improves breathing and relieves stress of travel. How many times have you gotten out of your airplane seat feeling stiff,… Read More

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October 24, 2014

Me, A Hero?

 For millenniums society revered the warrior. The protector, the hero, the soldier battled for territory, for freedom, for an ideal. We all carry a piece of the warrior in our DNA, but most of us have no desire to go… Read More