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Croatia, May 2018


The Mindful Body: 

Moving into Emotional Freedom and Joy

Lavinia Plonka, GCFP, Larry Cammarata, Ph.D., & Linda Cammarata, RN, RYT

Hvar Island, Croatia

May 19 to 26, 2018



       Our retreat is located in the charming village of Dol Sveta Ana, a pristine 12th Century hamlet discretely nestled into the verdant brush & pinewood forest that majestically rises above the island’s oldest settlement, Stari Grad.

       Dol Sveta Ana is often compared to Provence and Tuscany, with its sprawling vineyards, noble olive groves, fragrant lavender plantations, fertile fields, and charming stone cottages, so elegantly framed by the distant blue sea and open sky. Located only minutes away from the island’s major attractions, yet peacefully tucked away from bustling tourist towns, St. Ana provides an ideal escape from ordinary life to an extraordinary organic haven.

       In a supportive small group setting, you will learn about and practice mindfulness, Awareness Through Movement®, and qigong (meditative movement). These mind-body skills can be applied to your personal and professional development. No prior experience is necessary. Please read below for details, photos, and videos.

       Our retreat combines Awareness Through Movement® lessons with training in mindfulness and mindful movement.

       Awareness Through Movement® lessons, based on over 50 years of research, are a marvelously sophisticated, yet pleasurable way to learn how to move, think, and feel with greater ease. Learn how physical, mental, and emotional habits are connected and how to create freedom and comfort while discovering delicious new movement possibilities.

       Mindfulness is a skill that trains you to live in the present moment with intention, attention, and acceptance. It’s a way of developing kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity that can make a difference in the quality of your life and the lives of others.

       Mindful movement in the form of the ancient Chinese practice of qigong is a gentle method of cultivating vitality, stability, balance, and relaxation, which supports physical health and emotional wellbeing.

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