Every Step is a Prayer: Finding the Sacred Stories in the Body

A Creative Body Immersion
  • Date: July 3 -6
  • Price: $475 (Approximately EU 350)


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Taught by Lavinia Plonka

Barcelona, Spain

July 3 – 6

The sign of the cross, bowing, kneeling, dancing and holding postures are only some of the ways the body has provided a channel towards experiencing transcendence. What if there was a physiological/scientific basis for these choices? Is it possible that our hearts contain, as is written in both Vedic and Christian works, the words of the gods?

There are two views of the human experience. The Age of Reason turned the body into a machine that operates mechanically, commanded by the thinking mind. But ancient peoples saw being human as a spiritual journey.  The body was a sacred vessel, a metaphor for the divine; from Incas who wore pelvic bones as masks symbolizing immortality, to the ancient Egyptians who called the heart the “sun in man.”

In a safe, nurturing environment, you will enrich your understanding of embodiment.

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The Workshop 

Each day we will explore different themes that link body/mind/spirit with Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons. Lavinia weaves a fabric of movement, discussion, creativity and inner journeys based on her years of research. From Tarot to Dervish, the Chakras to the Gnostic Gospels, Mythology to Neuroscience, we will make connections between the human and spiritual experience. 

Themes include:

The Way of the Fool/Opening to the Unknown

Heaven and Earth/As Above So Below

The Laws of Vibration/Sound and Healing

Embodying Prayer/The Power in our Hands

Stillness and Trance

And more.

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Location, Logistics and Accommodations

The workshop will take place in the city of Barcelona, Spain. A city full of magic and sacred connections, Barcelona is the perfect venue for blending the worldly and the spiritual. Set on a plain rising gently from the sea into wooded hills, Barcelona is Spain’s  most cosmopolitan city.

Plan to arrive in time for a 9:30 AM start on July 3, we will finish at 5 PM (17:00) on July 6. Full schedule, details and directions will be sent upon registration.

You are responsible for your own accommodations. However, we have made arrangements for a moderately priced B&B just outside Barcelona. If you wish more information please contact the workshop organizer, Esther Niego Palatchi (Feldenkrais Barcelona) for details.

Who Benefits:

Teachers – Deepen your relationship to your subject matter

Counselors – Learn to recognize archetypes and patterns in the body

Bodyworkers – Learn to connect tensions and injuries with deeper questions

Seekers- Experience a healing retreat for body/mind/spirit

Lavinia has been studying the intersection between the body and the sacred for over 30 years. Besides her 20+ years teaching Feldenkrais, she has studied deeply in many sacred arts: The Tarot, yoga, aikido, Gurdjieff’s movements and more. Her research has taken her from anthropology and mythology to art, and of course dance. She continues to search for the biological links to our intuitive and spontaneous gestures toward the divine.

“Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop. The visuals were superb.The gestalt was great. I’ll remember this for a long time.” Sandy Wright – Feldenkrais Practitioner

“Wonderful and excellent. This subject matter is dear to my heart – the melding of group talk with movement.” Amy Miller