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Your expressive body is talking all the time. Not just to others, but to you – telling you the story of your life.
Tense shoulders, stiff neck, back pain are all part of a streaming conversation among brain, emotions and your movement.

Your body is “instant messaging” all the time. What is the link between physical discomfort and your emotions?

In this workshop you will learn:

  1. How your posture and your walk communicate to others and impact your self-image.
  2. Concrete somatic tools for recognizing the emotional patterns in your body and how to “shift” towards greater ease and confidence.
  3. How you can use awareness to more effectively communicate and attain your personal and professional goals.


This workshop is an enjoyable synthesis of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, the Alba Method, discussion, presentation, and activities designed to give you a “’full person” experience of the power of your personal expression.

Special One Day Advanced Training for Feldenkrais Practitioners
and 3-4 year Trainees

Applying Movement to Feelings

Moshe Feldenkrais defined the four components of action as: thinking, feeling, sensing and movement. And while we know that Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration improve all components, we rarely address the “elephant in the room; ” the relationships among people’s pain, movement and their emotions.

Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, author of The Feeling of What Happens, states that at every moment, we are having an emotional experience. As somatic practitioners, we don’t try to be psychotherapists. Yet, there is a way to be more effective in our work with others simply by understanding the emotional underpinnings of our physiology.

In this training you will learn:

  1. To recognize physical markers of various emotional states.
  2. How to create rapport with your own body language in order to support your students’ learning.
  3. How Functional Integration can improve a student’s ability to recognize habitual emotional patterns.
  4. How to help your student successfully come to a relaxed, “neutral” state in order to better integrate a lesson.
  5. How to work with the head, ribs, and breath to ease physical pain that is connected to distressing emotions.

Lavinia Plonka is an internationally recognized expert on body language and expression. Her twenty years as an award winning mime and choreographer led to a life long passion for understanding the relationship between our emotions and expression. She is the author of several books, including two on body language. These best sellers have been translated into six languages. Lavinia is a master teacher of the Feldenkrais Method, and a certified instructor of the Alba Method which is a scientifically proven somatic approach to emotion regulation. Lavinia’s unique workshops synthesize her vast somatic experience with cutting edge research from the fields of neuroscience, biology and philosophy.

Saturday 95€
Sunday 115€
Both days 200€